Fashion and stuff

The weather is extremely hot these days so in this post I’ll be fooling around a bit. Just for fun, I created Helga’s and Magda’s outfits. By clicking the images you can visit a fashion server and even buy the outfits if you’re inclined so :-)

P.S.:Ok, I realize this is not directly related to game development, so here’s some additional info for you: The game is currenly being carefully examined by testers and final details are being ironed out. Also, you can expect a demo version with the first chapter of the game shortly before the release. Stay tuned, we’re almost there!

Musical news

In the last post I asked you what the cut pictures were for. Those of you guessing
we needed them for our musician were right. Our great musician David L Haslam composed about 20 tracks for Helga and you can start looking forward to them.

And because I’m in a good mood today, you can taste some of the music right now -
it’s the main theme of the game.

Stay tuned and watch our website, facebook page or a twitter account for more news, that will follow very soon.

btw. Do you like the music? Feel free to add your comment.

Developer diary: Cut the game!

I do everything with great care – for the next task I had to go through the
following steps:

1) Make screenshots of every scene of the game and scale them down.
2) Combine them so that they could be printed, then cut them out.
3) And the hardest part – figure out, which groups of pictures go logically

But – why did I do all this? Try to guess the right answer in a little poll.
I will reveal the correct solution in the next post.


You Have Already Voted For This Poll!!

Cut the game

 Something else (let us know in the comments)I love it  We are turning Helga into a card game  We are testing alternate game endings  We are rewriting the story  We are preparing groundwork for our musician

Total voters: 3

What are we going to do with the printed images of game scenes?

      33%    33%        33%  

Welcome to our blog!

This blog will be written by Olga, the game creator. Some posts will be written by Helga. I mean, Olga will write in Helga’s name, because Helga is not real, while Olga is. Confused yet? It’s simple – Olga is the leader of OFF Studio, Helga is the leader of Kick Off Studio. They are both surrounded by a bunch of more or less competent team members, who either got punished or would deserve to get punished.


There’s one thing Olga and Helga have in common, though – they love to make videogames. We hope you’ll enjoy Helga Deep in Trouble as much as we enjoyed creating it. Welcome!