Developer diary: Cut the game!

I do everything with great care – for the next task I had to go through the
following steps:

1) Make screenshots of every scene of the game and scale them down.
2) Combine them so that they could be printed, then cut them out.
3) And the hardest part – figure out, which groups of pictures go logically

But – why did I do all this? Try to guess the right answer in a little poll.
I will reveal the correct solution in the next post.


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Cut the game

 Something else (let us know in the comments)I love it  We are turning Helga into a card game  We are testing alternate game endings  We are rewriting the story  We are preparing groundwork for our musician

Total voters: 3

What are we going to do with the printed images of game scenes?

      33%    33%        33%  

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